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Rent or Buy Information

Should I rent or should I buy

Having been band parents ourselves from elementary to college age, we understand the investment involved in your child's musical development. Depending on your child and your budget, you may opt to rent rather than purchase to see how your child does with playing their first instrument. Maybe you don't have the money to purchase an instrument, only to find a month later that your child no longer likes playing it. The great thing about our rental program is that you will be able to switch instruments at any given time, giving your child a chance to try different instruments. Our program is a rent-to-rent which means that all your base payments can be applied to the purchase of any instrument you choose, even if you switched several times! If you choose to purchase, you can apply your base payments to a new or used instrument or even upgrade to an intermediate level instrument at ANY time. The optional low cost LDW insurance offered includes repairs to your instrument and even theft. You are responsible for taking care of the instrument by purchasing the recommended cleaning supplies and performing basic maintenance/cleaning of the instrument. For more details and information, please give us a call at (951) 479-1261. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and to discuss being a band parent.

Please review the video below for clarity "Should I rent or should I buy"

Additional Benefits:
  • We only carry brand named instruments (e.g., Yamaha, King, Jupiter, Conn-Selmer).
  • One stop shopping for instrument supplies and books.
  • Personalized service - We talk to band directors so we know exactly what you need.
  • Quality instrument repair technician in the event your instrument requires a repair. Loaner instruments are generally available while your instrument is in for repair.
  • Instrument maintenance kits available for first time students (including music stand and cleaning supplies).
  • Automatic payments so you don't have to miss a payment. Additional fees apply if your payment is late.
  • No penalty for withdrawing from the program. You can stop at any time. Period.
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